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Recycling centres

Neighbourhood recycling sites

There are 26 neighbourhood recycling sites across the borough where you can recycle a range of different materials.

Take a look at the  list of recycling sites (PDF 256KB) to see which collection banks are near you and what materials they accept.

There are five small domestic appliance (SDA) collection banks spread across the borough for your unwanted electricals.

The majority of these neighbourhood recycling sites have a collection bank for clothes and other textiles. 

All of your dry, mixed recyclable items which would typically go into the blue-lidded bin can also be collected at any of the designated co-mingled recycling banks at the neighbourhood recycling sites, such as:

  • mixed plastics (such as bottles, tubs, pots and trays) 
  • food tins and drink cans
  • glass bottles and jars
  • paper (including newspapers and magazines)

You must put your recycling items in the containers provided. Do not leave any bags or boxes of recycling, or any other items outside the recycling containers as this is considered fly-tipping and you could be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Recycling Centres  

Recycling Centres are provided by Hertfordshire County Council as places where residents can deposit their household waste for recycling free of charge. As a 'rule of thumb', household waste is what you would normally take with you if you were to move home. For more on what is accepted, please visit Hertfordshire County Council's website.

Please note: If you are using a van to bring household waste to a recycling centre you will need to apply online for a free van permit from Hertfordshire County Council.

Always make the most of your kerbside recycling service before taking a trip to the recycling centre. To save time sort your recycling before you go and collect up your recyclables for fewer trips.

Waste from construction, demolition or excavation works is not classed as household waste, and there is a limit on what you can take to a recycling centre. For clarification on what is acceptable, please visit the Construction, demolition and excavation waste page of Hertfordshire County Council's website.

Location and opening times

Check for queues before you visit by using the live webcam feeds available on Hertfordshire County Council's website.

Items you can recycle at Recycling Centres

You can recycle a variety of items at recycling centres, including:

  • batteries
  • low energy light bulbs
  • fridges
  • freezers
  • televisions
  • smaller electrical items

All centres have separate containers for a comprehensive range of recyclable materials.

For more information on the materials accepted at your local recycling centre, visit the Hertfordshire WasteAware website - materials section.

There is also a Reuse container at all of Dacorum's recycling centres. If you have any unwanted items that are in good reusable condition, consider bringing them along to be reused. There are restrictions on what items can be donated. For more details, please see Hertfordshire County Council's Reuse Facilities page.

The centres are specifically for residents delivering their own household waste and will not accept waste from trade or business activities.

The centres also sell bags of 100 per cent recycled soil improver made from the garden waste collected at recycling centres in Hertfordshire. Each bag holds 60 litres and costs £4.

Take a look at Hertfordshire County Council's leaflet  How is my waste recycled? (PDF 6 MB) for information on how waste from the recycling centres is recycled.

For more information about the facilities at the above sites, visit the Hertfordshire WasteAware website.

Guidelines for visiting a Recycling Centre

We want your visit to the recycling centre to be a safe and positive experience. Please follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Wear sensible clothing - no flip-flops or high heels
  • Use safety or gardening gloves for offloading your waste
  • Walk in marked walkways and use pedestrian crossings
  • Take extra care in bad weather, particularly on steps to the containers
  • Keep your children and pets in your vehicle
  • Only carry manageable loads.

Where else can I take my recycling?

Retail outlets often provide recycling collection points for certain materials they sell, such as batteries, carrier bags and water filters. To check where you can recycle a certain item, use the Recycle Now Local Recycling tool, which provides information on your nearest recycling collection points for a range of different items.