Ways to pay your rent

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the most efficient way for you to pay your rent. You can now choose from three different payment dates throughout the month (1st, 10th, 21st).

We take four weeks’ rent by Direct Debit each month (this takes account of the rent-free weeks each year). We would usually only change the amount we collect if your rent, water charges, sewerage charge or entitlement to Housing Benefit changes.

To set up a Direct Debit online you will need:

  • To be a named account holder of the account you want to use
  • To be the only person needed to authorise a Direct Debit on that account

Set up an online Direct Debit

If you cannot confirm these two, you can download, print and post the Direct Debit forms.

Once you've set up a Direct Debit, we'll send you a letter confirming when payments will be taken.

Please note: you will have to make any payments due up to the start date of your Direct Debit. If you do not do so, we will take all arrears outstanding when we collect the first payment.  

You can also find out more about what Direct Debit is and how it works on the Direct Debit website.


You can pay quickly and securely, with a credit card or debit card.

Pay online

Alternative ways to pay

Concerned about your rent?

If you're concerned about your rent, please speak to your housing officer (income). You can contact them by calling 01442 228000 and either asking for them by name or just ask for ‘Housing Rent’.

You can also find out your rent account balance by text - just text BAL to 07860 024350.

Rent-free weeks

If you pay your rent weekly, there are four rent-free weeks during 2020-2021. These weeks are:

  • Week beginning 25 May 2020
  • Week beginning 14 December 2020
  • Week beginning 21 December 2020
  • Week beginning 29 March 2021

Rent statements

We send out rent statements regularly throughout the year.

If you live in a flat, we show rent separately from the other extra items included in our service to you. The amounts for the services you receive, such as cleaning, lighting, lift and grounds maintenance are shown as a separate charge on your rent statement.

We will contact you every year to let you know exactly how much you need to pay for rent and service charges.


If you need a refund of rent following an overpayment, please complete our  Rent refund request form (PDF 570KB).

More information

For more information on the different ways you can pay your housing rent, plus advice on what to do if you are struggling to pay, please see our  Rent information sheet (PDF 191KB).

We've set out our  Housing Service Standards (PDF 249KB), which tell you what you can expect when you contact us to pay your rent.

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