warning sign Our Customer Service phone lines will be closed on Good Friday (15 April) and Bank Holiday Monday (18 April). During these times you can still use all our online services.

You can also contact the emergency council housing repairs service on 0800 018 6050 and make payments using our 24 hour automated service on 0345 370 6070  ×

Energy Bills Rebate

On 3 February 2022 the Government announced that there will be a rebate of £150 for households in Council Tax bands A to D, scheduled to be made in April.

Find out more about the Energy Bills Rebate.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We understand that some residents may have difficulty in making Council Tax payments in line with the instalments shown on their bills. We don’t want anyone to worry about not being able to pay, but we also don't want debt to build up and cause a problem in the future. We will be getting in touch with residents who have fallen behind with payments, so we can see if there are any issues we can help with, or if we can signpost to other sources of support.

Council Tax Support

If your income has dropped because you are no longer able to work, you may be able to claim Council Tax Support to reduce your bill.

To find out how much help you might get, please use the benefit calculator on the Entitled To website.

As a temporary measure, while social distancing rules are in place, you can apply by completing this form:  Council Tax Support application form (PDF 842KB). If you are using a tablet to complete the Council Tax support application form, please make sure you have the Adobe Acrobat app installed. Once complete, please email to benefits@dacorum.gov.uk.

Universal Credit

You may also qualify for Universal Credit to help with your rent and daily living expenses. For more information, please visit the Government website.

Council Tax services

Council Tax

The Council Tax you pay funds services provided by us, Hertfordshire County Council and Hertfordshire Police. If you live in an area with a parish or town council, some of the Council Tax also goes to them. For more information, please click on the links below.

Council Tax charges for 2022-2023

Information on our spending and income.

Where your money goes

We collect your Council Tax and put it into a separate fund called the 'collection fund'. This year we need to collect more than £100 million in Council Tax.

Although we are responsible for collecting all of your Council Tax, only 11p of every £1 we collect is kept by us to pay for our services. The rest of what we collect goes to Hertfordshire County Council, who receive 78p of every £1 and to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire who gets a further 11p.

You can find out how much of your bill you pay to each of these public authorities in the Council Tax leaflet below. To find out how much you should pay, you can check the banding level of your property. Each authority has produced information to show how it spends its part of the Council Tax. For more details, click on the links below:

Frequently asked questions

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