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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a way of collecting contributions from developers towards the provision of infrastructure required to support growth in Dacorum. CIL is a non-negotiable planning charge introduced by the government under the Planning Act 2008 to provide local authorities with a more flexible and transparent means of funding infrastructure projects across their local area. The levy is charged per square metre of new development (floorspace) and the charge may vary according to the size, location and type of development.

As the charging and collecting authority for Dacorum, we are responsible for setting the CIL charge, collecting CIL money and allocating money for infrastructure projects.

The CIL charge was introduced by Dacorum Borough Council on 1 July 2015 and is applicable to developments that received planning permission on or after 1 July 2015.

CIL guide 

For an overview of the CIL process for developers and landowners, please see our  Community Infrastructure Levy Process Flowchart (PDF 171KB).

For more information, please also see the Government's CIL guidance.

Frequently asked questions

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Application forms for CIL

All application forms for the Community Infrastructure Levy can be found on our Application forms page.

CIL Indexation

The Community Infrastructure Levy is index linked, so charges can vary each year if the index rate changes.

In accordance with regulation 121C we are required to publish a statement in relation to the CIL rates for the following calendar year.

 Annual CIL rate report 2022 (PDF 540KB)
 Annual CIL rate report 2021 (PDF 542KB)
 Annual CIL rate report 2020 (PDF 544KB)

CIL Charging Schedule

We formally adopted the CIL Charging Schedule and a number of supporting policies at the meeting of the Full Council on 25 February 2015. Please see the documents below:

 CIL Charging Schedule - Adopted February 2015 (PDF 2.01MB) 
 CIL Notice of Adoption (PDF 283KB)

Find out what CIL zone you are in

Interactive map showing planning constraints and CIL zones

Supporting policies

 CIL Discretionary Charitable Relief Policy (PDF 161KB)
 CIL Exceptional Circumstances Policy (PDF 109KB)
 CIL Instalments Policy (PDF 114KB)
 CIL Payment in Kind Policy (PDF 160KB)  

More information 

Contact us

If you have any queries on CIL, or think your development may be CIL liable, please email cil@dacorum.gov.uk or call 01442 228352.