Councillors' allowances 

The elected members of Dacorum Borough Council receive allowances in recognition of the time, work and costs involved in representing Dacorum’s residents.

Our scheme of allowances is based on the rules set out in national legislation. The levels of allowances we pay are agreed by an external independent panel (an Independent Remuneration Panel). To decide what the allowances should be, the panel analyses the changing demands and pressures of members' workloads, and compares allowances with other councils in England.


There are four types of allowance.

  1. Basic allowance - All of our elected members receive the basic allowance. This supports the work they do as local councillors, representing their constituents, travelling around the borough and attending council and local community meetings.
  2. Special responsibility allowance - Members with additional duties and responsibilities receive a special responsibility allowance. For example, the Leader of the Council, Cabinet members, committee chairs and vice-chairs, group leaders.
  3. Care allowance - A care allowance is available to Members who have to pay for the care of children or dependants so that they can carry out their duties as councillors.
  4. Travel and subsistence allowance - Members can claim for travel where their journeys are connected with approved council duties. 

For full details, please see our Members' Allowance Scheme.

More information

For further information, email or call 01442 228209.

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