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Local Plan Sites Register

We maintain and update a register of sites that feeds into the evidence base studies supporting the new Local Plan. We gather information on sites through a number of processes including Call for Sites engagement events, public consultations on the Local Plan and the Brownfield Land Register. We also check older sites against more recent information, such as planning permissions, and remove or amend sites accordingly.

We will need to assess these sites to help us understand and identify what land might be suitable and available to meet future development needs.

The interactive map below presents information on the current sites register, alongside other sources of supply that we are aware of at present. If you are interested in promoting one or more sites for further consideration in the emerging Local Plan, it is worth checking the map below to see if these already form part of our register.

The most recent assessments of the sites considered for their suitability and potential allocation can be found in the evidence base supporting the new Local Plan.

For more information, please email strategic.planning@dacorum.gov.uk or call 01442 228660.

Submit a new site

If your site is not already on our register, or you would like to provide an update on an existing site, then please use the online form below to submit this to us for our consideration in future evidence work on the Local Plan.

Please note: while we will not be formally closing the Local Plan Site Register we do need to set a cut off for the purposes of preparing new evidence. Sites submitted after Tuesday 31 May 2022 may still be considered for the next iteration of the Local Plan - however, we cannot guarantee this.

Our recent consultation on the draft Local Plan indicated a preference by many to deliver more new development in our urban areas rather than on rural land next to these settlements, currently designated as Green Belt. Only four new urban sites were promoted through that same consultation. For this reason, we are particularly interested in receiving sites that are:

  • Predominantly brownfield land or are previously developed on
  • Located in the built-up area of Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Tring, Bovingdon, Kings Langley or Markyate, and
  • Are capable of delivering five or more dwellings, or more than 500 square metres of employment floorspace.

We welcome sites to be promoted to us by landowners and agents. We also welcome suggestions of other sites to be promoted by members of the public and other organisations where these meet the criteria above. This should ensure that we have explored all possible options for development in our urban areas. For sites to be allocated in the new Local Plan, these will need to have the support of their respective landowners.

Submit a site online

We will make publicly available the boundaries of new sites submitted to us, and whether these are specifically promoted for development (by a landowner/agent) or suggested as a possible site (by a member of the public or other organisation). For more information on how we treat personal data, please view our  Strategic Planning and Regeneration privacy policy (PDF 545KB).