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Parking scam alert

Please be aware of this parking scam, which has been carried out in Hemel Hempstead, and in other areas of the country:

The scam

A customer approaches a parking payment machine to buy a ticket. They are approached by someone who has a broken French accent and asks them to buy a ticket for them on their card and they will give them the cash. The person then puts their card into the machine and enters their pin number, they are distracted momentarily and the card is pulled from the machine and stolen. 

The thief then pretends that the machine has swallowed the card (this is impossible as the machine has no mechanism to swallow or even hold onto a card) and offers to “call the number on the side of the machine” - they then hand the phone to the customer to speak to the “Council” – someone on the other end pretending to be the Council then says that their card will be returned to their address in the next 10 days. Money is then taken from the account every day until the person realises.


Always remember that:

  • Our parking payment machines cannot swallow cards (they do not have this function)
  • Do not to engage with anyone asking you to purchase tickets using a card
  • It is ok to say "No!"

To find out more about scams or report one, visit Hertfordshire County Council's website.